The Rue 21 Application

If you want to apply for a job with Rue 21 you will need to fill out a Rue 21 application. Here you will find the companies official employment form. This is just one of the many places you will find it, others online sources for the Rue 21 application are websites such as try, YahooJobs, If you live near a Rue 21 you can walk into the store and pick up a hard copy of a Rue 21 application. Some stores may have one on location, otherwise it might be easier just to go online and download one from the website.

Rue 21 is a chain store with hot fashion for girls and guys with 740 locations across America. They specialize in fresh trendy clothing for guys and girls at an affordable price. So if you want to work in a fun environment where you can work amongst hot fashion and young people and get started in your career with fashion, Rue 21 might be a good choice for you. The name Rue 21 comes from the French were “rue” which means street and 21, as in the age 21. There’s a number of positions you could apply with at Rue 21 including store manager, merchandiser, salesman etc. If you’re applying to be the manager you’ll have obviously a lot more responsibilities. You will be responsible for store sales, keeping track of the sales inventory, keeping track of employees payroll, making sure things are accurate with markdowns and sales within the store, and a number of other responsibilities. In order to reach qualifications to be a manager with Rue 21 you’ll need at least two years of experience in retail management. You’ll need to have good problem-solving and organization skills. You’ll need to be very skilled with communication amongst people, good verbal and written communication skills, and a good eye for fashion. If you’re filling out a Rue 21 application for a job such as a sales associate obviously you will not need as much experience and can get in the door perhaps as a first job and accumulate experience working there.


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Interview questions to expect when you if selected for a job interview might be, “What are you looking for in a job?”, “What are the strengths that you can bring to the company?” “Are you willing to work for a small hourly wage?”, “Do you have experience selling?”, “Are you good with people?” etc. So make sure you’re prepared for any questions that could be ansked during the interview. Make sure you keep a positive attitude and are very responsive to the interviewer and share any experience that you might have that is related to working with clothing and other people showing your strengths and communication skills with other people. Obviously fashion is a huge industry to get into so starting working at Rue 21 could actually be a good opportunity for someone trying to get into the field of fashion. Personally if I were working at Rue 21 would take pride in my work, show up to work on time every day and keep a positive attitude during work hours. Try your best to get along with other employees at the job and do your best to be a great employee. Assuming you display that you’re a good worker, after a while you could be eligible for advancement and promotions which means you would get paid more money and work your way up through the ladder and eventually get yourself into a good career in fashion.

After filling out a Rue 21 application and everything goes well and you secure a job at the company also doesn’t mean that you’re just stuck working clothing retail exclusively. Once you have an eye for fashion and experience in the field you could possibly get jobs for photographers, fashion magazines, make up artist jobs, and any other number of careers related to the fashion industry. Doing a thorough job filling out the Rue 21 application is absolutely necessary because it’s the first impression that you make with your prospective employer. What you ultimately would like to do is capture the attention of the person doing the hiring who is looking at your Rue 21 application and present something to him that he is looking for as a team member in the store. So make sure you fill out the application neatly if it is a paper form, not leaving out any of the areas. If the Rue 21 application is a detailed history of your employment including dates and description of the types of work that you performed this employer would have a good idea of the type of person that he possibly may hire.

Another good idea to remember when filling out a Rue 21 application is to include references. At least three references is usually a good idea to include in the application if they’re personal references you can include family members and friends, or if they’re professional references you can include previous supervisors or people who can vouch for you as a responsible worker. Another good idea to consider when filling out a job application is to include a formal resume along with the application. You can attach it to any application and hand it in when you turn it in at the store, or if you’re applying online you can include it with the e-mail. Including a resume is also another good idea to do that sets you apart from other people applying for a job. So if you haven’t put together a resume before you can easily go online and look at other forms of resumes that have been done and copy the format and get good ideas for things. Including your resume will give your employer a good idea of the kind of person that is looking for a job

Tips On Getting Hired At Rue 21

After sending your Rue 21 application in online or turning the application in at a Rue 21 store basically all you can do at that point is wait and hope that the manager at that location is looking for someone to hire and finds your application to be something that he or she is looking for. So when you receive a call from the manager or supervisor at one of the stores make sure that you sound professional and excited to hear from them. If you sound like you lack enthusiasm or are confused about why the employers are calling you it is possible you could give the supervisor or manager a bad first impression of the type of character that you have. So in any case, make sure that you have a great attitude and answer all of their questions clearly. The next step of the process is after being called in for an interview from the supervisor you’re going to want to make sure that you dress professional and present yourself nicely as a prospective employee of their company. So if you don’t have a nice outfit to wear to an interview make sure you go out and buy at least one good outfit. If you’re a girl you want to get a nice professional looking dress and if you’re a guy you might want to invest in a nice suit or at least some slacks and a button up shirt.

Another thing you want to do before applying at any job is to do some research on the company so you have a good idea of what kind of job you’re getting into. If you’re applying at Rue 21 for example you can go online and read about their history as a company and find out where they were started and how they expanded and spread across the country to 740 store locations. Doing the research on the company will better prepare you for getting into a job because you’ll feel more confident about what you’re getting into and what kind of work you’re going to be doing for the next possibly few years. During an interview an interviewer is very likely to ask you what you know about the company, what kind of experience you have working for that type of company, and if you are you familiar with the history of that particular company. So doing a little bit of research beforehand and finding out any information you can will be in your best interest to help you out with your future of the company.

If you fill out a Rue 21 application with one of the locations and you don’t receive a call back for a couple weeks or even as much as a month or two months, don’t be discouraged and don’t take anything personal, it could just be that that particular location already has a strong staff on hand and just not looking for anyone at that particular time. What you can do is go ahead and find some other locations that might be in the area and apply to those locations. You can check online and see if your online Rue 21 application is distributed to all locations in the area or you can call the store manager and get more information about whether they’ll be hiring in the near future, or if there are any other positions that might be available. Another thing that you might want to try is becoming friendly with the employees at the store that you’re applying at. A lot of times getting a job at a company has a lot to do with the people that you know that are already working at the company. If you happen to know people who are working at Rue 21 it might be in your favor that they could put in a good word for you or talk to their hiring supervisor and they could share some nice words about what a good worker you are and details about how are you could benefit the company. Good luck with the application process!